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Snugglers Diapers, available in four sizes, come with a wetness indicator that helps you keep track of a baby's comfort. A breathable, comfy outer cover and a flexible quilted inner pad protects inside and out. The baby diapers giant pack contains more than 100 diapers, so you can stock up for a newborn. The pocketed back waistbands will contain messes to help keep the child clean. In addition to offering gentle care and protection for them, these wetness indicator diapers provide an easy way for you to see when it's time for a change. All of these features combine to help parents stay on top of all of their child's needs. The unique Winnie the Pooh and Friends graphics on the outside will delight youngsters, as well. Since they're designed specially to fit newborn and infant legs, the Snugglers Diapers will keep little ones comfy and dry.

Snugglers Diapers:

  • Wetness indicator helps you keep track of wet diapers by changing color when wet
  • Softness inside and out with a breathable, comfy outer cover and quilted, flexible inner pad
  • Specially shaped to fit little legs, even when they haven't uncurled yet
  • Pocketed back waistband to help keep in the mess
  • Gentle protection for a new baby
  • Soft graphics with Winnie the Pooh and Friends
  • Available sizes for baby diapers giant pack:
    • Size Newborn (132 count) for up to 10 lbs
    • Size 1 (148 count) for up to 14 lbs
    • Size 2 (132 count) for 12-18 lbs
    • Size 3 (124 count) for 16-28 lbs

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